Written by Tabitha Taft

Walk around Woodstock, New York long enough and you’re bound to see a twenty-something sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the battle cry of “Catskills Vs. Hamptons.” The way we see it, however, there’s no reason not to love the mountains as much as you do the beach, especially if you’re holed up someplace like Hotel Dylan.

Situated about two hours from Manhattan, the 11-room inn boasts accommodations impeccably designed by Bob and Cortney Novogratz. Each room is named for a musician and comes outfitted with a record player and weekend movie screenings. The property itself also has communal fire pits, a neighboring gym, outdoor Ping-Pong tables and hammocks. If the artsy town of Woodstock wasn’t so charming, there’d be no reason to leave.

So, what’s the most popular room at Hotel Dylan? Here, owner Paul Covello clues us in.

This review was originally published on DuJour.com. Read the whole article here.

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